Privacy, Data Protection and Anti-Spam

Privacy, data protection and anti-spam law are quickly evolving fields that affect charities, not-for-profits, businesses and individuals alike. Organizations and individuals operating in Canada may be subject to a variety of privacy laws at both the federal and provincial levels. The issues can be complex and the consequences of non-compliance with privacy obligations can be severe. 

We provide advice and support to clients on a wide range of privacy issues so that they can understand and meet their privacy obligations.

At Carters Professional Corporation, we can work with you to respond to your privacy needs and concerns including:

  • Review of organizational privacy and security procedures
  • Proactive privacy risk identification and management
  • Compliance with Canadian privacy, anti-spam and telecommunications legislation, guidances and best-practices
  • Drafting and implementation of privacy, security and anti-spam and related policies and procedures
  • Data sharing agreements
  • Responding to privacy-related complaints
  • Responding to access requests
  • Transfers of data for processing and cross border data transfers
  • Employee and volunteer data
  • Donor and client information
  • Personal Health Information
  • Website privacy policies and statements
  • Privacy handbooks, forms, consents and brochures
  • Workplace and employee privacy issues
  • Privacy training and seminars
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Speaking Engagements
Presented by Esther Shainblum on Wednesday June 12, 2019 for the Spring 2019 - Carters Charity & NFP Webinar Series
Presented by Esther Shainblum on February 5, 2019 at the OBA Institute hosted by the Ontario Bar Association Charity & Not-For-Profit Law Section.
Presented by Esther Shainblum at The 2019 Ottawa Region Charity & NFP Law Seminar